An even better shopping experience:

Recently, some customers have notified us that the EURO to US dollar exchange rate on Dealsmachine our website is not completely accurate. The concerns of our customers are always important to us. For transparency, we want to make it absolutely transparent to every single customer how we display the exchange rate.

Dealsmachine does periodically update the exchange rate however this does not occur in real-time.

The reason for this as follows:

Dealsmachine always adopts the US dollar as the primary currency for all our product prices. However, we have worldwide customers from regions including USA, Europe, Asia and many other areas.

As you can appreciate, the International currency exchange rate changes and fluctuates every minute. If we also incorporate similar real-time changes in the exchange rate, then our customers in non-USD countries will see the corresponding non-USD price changing continuously.

To ensure each of our customers (regardless of their region) enjoys the best possible shopping experience, we do not therefore update the exchange rate in real-time. Instead, the exchange rates are updated every 30-60 days as we are fully committed to providing stable and competitively low pricing to every single customer.

A Convenient Payment Process

The US dollar is the standard currency for all of our product pricing; therefore on your PayPal payment page, all non-USD prices will automatically revert to the dollar price of our products.

Alternative payment options (such as Wired/Bank Transfer) for your convenience are also available. To submit payment via Wired/Bank Transfer, please first submit a ticket at our dedicated Support Center; our staff will be delighted to assist you step-by-step. We are always happy to facilitate other flexible payment methods, please refer to our Payment Methods page for more information.

Best Regards
Dealsmachine Team