User instructions:

1. When a customer successfully pays online, we will process their order within 1 business day. After your order status has changed to rocessing the system will automatically add  ending points which will be to the same amount as the Commodity cost (excluding insurance and shipping cost). As long as your order is confirmed and the Order Status is shipped out, your  ending points will be changed to  vailable points and then you can use these to offset the Commodity cost when you buy next time.

As an example, for commodity costs which are set at $1 (excluding insurance and shipping cost) customers can accumulate 1 DM points. You get 1 DM point for every $1 that you spend with us, you cannot collect DM points for shipping or insurance. So if you buy a product that costs $20, shipping costs $5 and insurance is $2, you can only get DM points for the product cost, meaning you will receive 20 DM Points in this example.

After you have received DM points, you can then use them to offset and cover commodity costs as follows. DM points cannot be used to cover shipping costs or insurance costs.

2. When you have accumulated available points, please go to the Billing page and find DM points. You can offset or cover commodity costs (excluding insurance and shipping cost) with your accumulated DM points. Please note that the DM points used cannot exceed 30% of the commodity value, however there is no maximum amount of DM points that you can accumulate.

3. The DM points cannot be used together with the other promotional offers or discounts, such as coupons.

4. The DM points have a lifespan of one year, following which they will expire and we will reset the points to 0 when the expiry date has been reached.

5. If you use DM points to pay for any part of an order, then please note that the order will not be eligible for special promotions or marketing activities. reserves the right to amend and update this or any other special offer. Please feel free to contact us at Support Center if you have any questions regarding this, or any other, promotional activity!